Workplace injury and illness is a billion-dollar problem. In fact, it has been estimated that employers pay almost $1 billion per week for direct workers' compensation costs alone.*

Even with the most robust Health and Safety management system in place, workplace injuries and illness happen every day across North America. Employers continue to improve their practices to take better care of their employees and the first aid responders who provide immediate care.

CareLine® is an innovative new service designed to enhance and extend your company’s Health & Safety program by putting a registered nurse in the pocket of each employee. Using proprietary software, CareLine® connects specially triage-trained medical professionals with comprehensive enterprise software tools providing immediate medical response via real-time video smartphone communication. The integrated cloud based platform that provides comprehensive injury management solutions to improve workplace medical care for employees and reduce employer costs. CareLine®’s value proposition is to improve workplace medical response to employee injuries and illness while improving cost efficiency.


Benefits of CareLine®

  1. Provide employees with best possible first aid care on the worksite at the time the injury or illness occurs.
  2. Help the first responders (First Aid trained or not) provide the best health care possible in the circumstances.
  3. Help reduce the number of medical aid/recordable injuries.
  4. Help reduce workers’ compensation premiums and other related regulatory compliance costs.
  5. Provide sustainable health care and compensation cost reductions
  6. Ensure that only true emergencies receive costly emergency room care.
  7. Support the accident investigation and compensation reporting process with information that is captured and compiled at the time of the incident.
  8. Provide access to real-time injury data through the web portal and dashboards – powered by CMO Compliance Management Software.
  1. Provide a permanent video and voice record of actual injury condition at time of reporting.
  2. Provide early management notification of the incident which can reduce treatment lags that extend lost time absences and drive up employer indirect costs.
  3. Providing timely employee care will help support increases employee satisfaction and reduces the likelihood of litigation (US).
  4. Provide visible support for the company’s employee care culture.
  5. The solution can be utilized wherever in the world there is a connection to the web based application or via 1-800 telephone access.
  6. The solution can be accessed 24/7 for off the job injuries and illnesses - should the employer want to extend the benefit to the employee and their families.

*Source: U.S. Department of Labour

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